OnSSI, Pearl River, N.Y., a provider of open-architecture, intelligent video surveillance software, announced a strategic technology partnership with DataDirect Networks (DDN), a privately-held information storage company. According to OnSSI, the partnership enables the company to deliver customers a massively-scalable storage solution that is designed to meet the needs of organizations that require mission-critical surveillance infrastructure capable of scaling from hundreds to thousands of terabytes, while delivering real-time video quality of service.

This partnership bundles OnSSI’s Ocularis with DDN’s award-winning Storage Fusion Architecture content-optimized storage platforms. With four feature sets, each scalable to virtually any number of cameras at multiple sites, Ocularis v2.0 is an IP video and security platform designed to provide greater functionality for organizations of any size, up to the enterprise level. Combined with DDN’s highly-scalable storage technology, this new solution allows organizations to monitor, manage and control hundreds to thousands of IP cameras and detection systems, even across multiple facilities or geographies.

“As security and IT infrastructures converge, video surveillance solutions are generating unprecedented amounts of digital video data and challenging conventional video storage paradigms,” said Mulli Diamant, vice president of sales and co-founder of OnSSI. “Now, our most complex Ocularis deployments are supported by DDN’s unique Storage Fusion Architecture, enabling the storage, processing, archiving and management of hundreds of terabytes to multiple petabytes of mission-critical video data from a single, scalable system.”

Harvey Kohli, vice president of global business development for DDN’s government and digital security market, said, “Ocularis is a market leader because of its ease of deployment, user-friendly interface, and ability to scale to tens of thousands of HD cameras. Through this partnership, OnSSI customers can easily achieve unprecedented levels of Ocularis’ scalability, with the confidence that comes from deploying mission critical, highly-predictable infrastructure designed for simplicity and efficiency at scale.”