ISC Solutions booth 1506 - Silent Knight by Honeywell announced significant upgrades made to its hybrid conventional/addressable fire alarm system to simplify installation and operation while expanding its capabilities with a second line of initiating devices and a new remote annunciator. Version 2.00 of the IntelliKnight 5600 is a 25-point fire alarm control panel designed to provide small applications the same intelligent detection and maintenance features as larger, addressable systems at a conventional system price.

Compatibility with two series of devices offers IntelliKnight 5600 applications a wider range of cost-effective and easier-to-install equipment options. Regular IntelliKnight system installers now can utilize many of the standard SK series of detectors, modules and pull stations, along with the new 5635 remote annunciator. Available in either red or white, the 5635 provides an 80-character LCD display, used to provide status information on the fire alarm system’s AC power, plus alarm, trouble, supervisory and alarm-silenced conditions.

The IntelliKnight 5600 is ideal for small applications where two- to five-zone conventional fire alarms are traditionally installed. To maintain the installation simplicity of a conventional system, the IntelliKnight 5600 is equipped with Silent Knight’s exclusive JumpStart™ software, which automatically performs basic system programming. A built-in browser allows installers to perform customized programming, eliminating the need to download any software. Code wheels on detectors and modules also make addressing each point fast and easy.

All IntelliKnight fire protection products are non-proprietary systems available through security equipment wholesale locations nationwide.

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