Each month, customers are provided with a risk and vulnerability assessment.

ADS Security, Nashville, Tenn., partnered with IdentaSafe to add Identity Theft Protection to its growing list of services. Founded in 2004, IdentaSafe is one of the fastest growing identity theft protection providers in the United States, according to the company.

Identity theft in the United States claims an average of $4,841 in damages per victim. According to ADS, last year more than 11 million Americans were victims of identity thef.

“ADS recognizes the growing threat of identity theft, so we wanted to offer this product as a complement to our existing security services,” said Tom Szell, vice president of ADS Security. “We selected IdentaSafe because they have developed a unique 360-degree approach to identity theft protection that provides customers with protection, detection and correction.”

IdentaSafe leverages the nation’s largest identity theft database, looking at 650 billion data points every hour, to detect fraud within seconds of occurrence and block transactions before real damage is done, the company said.

In the event identity theft does occur, IdentaSafe works with customers to restore their identity to a pre-theft status. Additionally, customers are protected by an insurance policy that is paid directly to them that covers lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses.