Heat detector

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) announced the 1183 Series wireless heat detector. This ceiling-mount detector is available in two versions, one for fixed temperature and another for combination rate-of-rise and fixed temperature. The 1183 includes features designed for simple installation and fast setup. The 1183-135F is a fixed temperature detector that sends an alarm to the panel if the temperature exceeds 135 deg. F. The 1183-135R is a combination fixed temperature and rate-of-rise detector that sends an alarm if the temperature reaches 135 deg. F or if the temperature increases by 15 deg. F or more per minute. The 1183 wireless heat detector is compatible with all DMP panels that are equipped with wireless capability. The detector includes DMP wireless features that speed and simplify setup, including the Survey LED that provides visual confirmation of communication with the panel. DMP two-way technology allows the 1183 to send a signal to the panel and receive an acknowledgement, avoiding repetitive signaling and extending battery life to more than four years.

Digital Monitoring Products

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