Z-wave product

DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) added Z-Wave device compatibility with the release of the DMP 738Z module and Virtual Keypad™ App Version 2.0 for the XT Series™ Burglary/Fire/Door Access Panel and XTL™ Wireless Security System. End users can now control a variety of devices in their home or small business using DMP MyAccess™ text commands or the Virtual Keypad™ App Version 2.0 on smart phones or tablets.

“Users have been eager for the convenience and functionality promised by home automation systems, but were deterred by the complexity and high price,” said Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. “Z-Wave devices, used in conjunction with DMP panels, offer a simple, low-cost way for home and business owners to add these much desired remote control features.”

The initial DMP offering includes several popular Z-Wave devices:

  • Lights and appliances: Just plug-in the Z-Wave device, then plug in a light or appliance. Turn lights on/off, or dim them. Works with incandescent and fluorescent lights.
  • Door locks: Keyless entry door locks available in polished brass, satin nickel and Venetian bronze.
  • Thermostats: Installs just like a standard thermostat. Provides full remote control over temperature and fan settings.

Mobile users can take remote control of their Z-Wave devices via a cell phone or other mobile device using either of the two DMP mobile platforms; MyAccess or the Virtual Keypad App.

For information, visit www.dmp.com.