Yale Locks & Hardware’s next-generation access control solutions for the multi-family and small business markets offer flexible, scalable access control tailored specifically for the needs of these market segments.

The multi-family solution includes nexTouch, the next generation of the Yale InTouch access control lock, Yale Real Living digital deadbolts, and user-friendly, cloud-based software specifically designed for managing multi-family properties. The small business solution includes the same locks plus integration with interactive service platforms, such as those from Alarm.com, Honeywell and iControl.

Yale’s new solutions provide security integrators with an easy entrance into new business segments, with an opportunity to provide greater value to their customers by solving specific challenges within these markets. The solutions are easy to deploy and integrate with most small business access control systems. Burglar alarm system integration allows alarm dealers to become security integrators using familiar infrastructure

The hardware is easy to deploy and provides scalability to adapt to changing requirements. The cloud-based software minimizes investment for multi-family and small business property owners/developers, and both solutions reduce maintenance, enable easy management of access rights and increase property values, according to Yale Locks & Hardware.

The multi-family solution allows residents to:

  • give temporary access to guests or maintenance/cleaning people, with an audit trail;
  • control common-area access for specific family members;
  • easily obtain new credentials if a card or phone is lost; and
  • give kids access to amenities, such as the pool or fitness center.

Small business owners gain an easy and affordable solution for:

  • unattended delivery,
  • monitoring of employee attendance,
  • monitoring of business hours, and
  • managing remote locations.

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