napco_geminiNapco’s Gemini P1664DK1PK custom alpha door keypad pak is easy to standardize on with eight to 64 zones, four partitions and 64 users. Napco has taken its GEM-P1664 hybrid 8- to 64-zone control panel and added a custom alpha door keypad and transformer for extra equipment savings. For installer convenience, it comes in an oversized locking enclosure measuring 12.5-in. by 14-in. by 3.75-in., with eight hybrid zones including two, 2-wire fire zones on board. The pak features a Gemini panel expandable to 64 with multiplexing plus four zones built into the keypad, for an ideal 12-zone starter system. For labor savings and great reliability, the GEM-P1664 supports all Gemini crystal-control transmitters and receivers. The system also features four areas and 64 user codes plus easy keypad menu driven programming as well as Quickloader up/downloading. For information, visit