The Z-Wave Alliance, Milpitas, Calif., an open consortium of leading global companies dedicated to promoting  Z-Wave as the standard in wireless home control, with close to 600 interoperable products world-wide, announced the addition of Verizon as its newest Alliance member. Verizon other industry leaders in the Z-Wave Alliance, including: 2Gig Technologies, Danfoss, Evolve Guest Controls, Fakro, Sigma Designs, Ingersoll Rand, and Jasco Products.

“The Z-Wave Alliance is eager to welcome Verizon as a member,” said Mark Walters, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance. “This membership is an extension of our partnership that was formed with the debut of Verizon’s connected home products last year. We look forward to continuing this partnership as Verizon extends its home control offerings.”

In October 2011, Verizon launched its connected home solution, Verizon Home Monitoring and Control, which uses Z-Wave. With this offering, Verizon provides a variety of home monitoring and energy management capabilities enabled by Z-Wave technology, which provides a cohesive experience across platforms. With the Verizon connected home solution, consumers can do things like monitor their home’s energy usage and control appliances and electronics remotely with a computer, smartphone, FiOS TV and tablets.

“Verizon’s home monitoring and control service provides customers convenient, anytime, anywhere access and control to one of the most important things in their lives – their home,” said Ann Shaub, a director of product management for Verizon.  “The Z-Wave ecosystem seamlessly connects a whole host of devices and allows our customers to control them from a computer, smartphone, or TV.”

Verizon is focused on breaking down old technology boundaries to create a borderless world where work, play and home become one virtual reality. The company’s goal is to provide anytime, anywhere connectivity to the information and the entertainment end users want on any device. Verizon anticipates that the connected home market will continue to grow in 2012.

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