Wide screen monitors

Advanced Technology Video released the MLM20W-WDR and MLM26W-WDR public view monitors (PVMs) with Pixim Seawolf technology and built-in multi-media player (MMP). The MLM series PVMs are compact monitors for high-visibility retail applications. The monitors feature the Pixim Seawolf 690TVL-E camera for low-light and back-light conditions integrated with a wide angle 2.9–10mm varifocal, auto-iris lens. The monitors contain internal camera loop-out and integrated MMP for display of images, video and audio files from a built-in SD-card reader. The MLM20W-WDR is offered in a 1600 by 900 pixel widescreen format and the MLM26W-WDR is offered in a 1366 by 768 widescreen resolution format. Both units are powered by 24VDC.

Advanced Technology Video