HAI Product Catalog

Home Automation Inc. (HAI) announced its 2012 HAI Product Catalog available in three formats: hardcopy print, electronic PDF and online Flash. It also will be included on HAI’s 2012 Automation Simplified CD. The product guide features products currently shipping and products scheduled to be introduced in 2012, including all-new promo kits, the ZigBee Gateway, the Bluetooth Remote Input Module and the Temperature Display/Control. To make it easier to find specific products, the catalog is divided into the following general categories: Safety, Energy Management, Entertainment and Convenient Interfaces, all with color-coded tabs. Also included is information on HAI’s history, industry participation and research, training and dealer support programs, warranty and technical support, wiring requirements and diagrams, as well as marketing and supporting documentation. HAI dealers and distributors can order free hard copies or CDs via the online support Web sites.

Home Automation Inc.