3VR, the video intelligence company, announced that the CrimeDex online collaborative network of more than 3,000 fraud, loss prevention and law enforcement professionals partnered with the Wireless Loss Prevention Council (WLPC), a network of retail wireless loss prevention professionals, to facilitate the sharing of information related to organized retail crime syndicates and serial retail criminals.

CrimeDex is a criminal investigation collaboration network that allows law enforcement and business communities to share business-related crime information. Alerts are created and sent to the CrimeDex network to identify criminals wanted for a variety of crimes from check fraud to shoplifting to more serious violent offenses. All data within CrimeDex is user-shared and authorized and owned by the person or company that inputs the data.

“We are competitors but all of us are in the business of protecting people and making sure our employees have safe work environments. We owe it to the people that work for us to do everything we can to solve and prevent crimes,” said Kevin Trimble, president and co-founder of the WLPC. “This partnership with CrimeDex will allow us to expand our network and bolster our awareness of retail criminals in a way that still protects our competitive information and differentiators.”

CrimeDex now houses information on more than 16,000 suspects and more than 200,000 crimes in 42 countries and provides the opportunity for members to broadcast information on wanted criminals to its entire user base or to smaller groups such as the WLPC.