Card Access 3000 Web Client

CardAccess 3000 Web Client from Continental Access allows end users mobile access to the CardAccess 3000 access control system utilizing Safari browsers in iPhones, iPads, and other Apple laptops and notebooks; phones and tablets with Android-based browsers; and Microsoft IE browsers in laptops, notebooks and phones. The CardAccess 3000 Web Client allows users to create, modify or remove cardholders in the system, allowing assignment or change to Access Privileges and other cardholder personnel information. It can allow remote locking or unlocking of a single door, a group of doors, or all doors and remote relay control of configured devices. The CardAccess 3000 Web Client can allow for remote configuration and changes of control panels, card readers, relays, alarms and other inputs for remote support; and it can run all CardAccess 3000 reports to remotely view system alerts, entry and deny entry events, time and attendance information, and personnel reports.

Continental Access