The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), Indianapolis, released the second white paper in the series titled “Mobile Devices in Residential Systems Integration.” As homeowners’ dependency on IP networks and the number of mobile devices per location continues to grow, the modern home is faced with a constant need for increased wireless bandwidth in order to keep all devices working and communicating at all times.

The new white paper, Ten Steps to Creating a Robust Wireless Environment for Mobile Device Integration, provides the electronic systems contractors (ESCs) with ten steps that pave a roadmap to creating a profitable and repeatable Wi-Fi solution.

“Most clients expect their wireless networks to work seamlessly with their mobile-centric lifestyle,” said Dave Pedigo, senior director of Technology. “This presents a challenge and an opportunity for ESCs to own the network. The new white paper coupled with the new advanced IP and networking courses offered at CEDIA EXPO will prepare ESCs for mobile device integration in a wireless environment.”

The new white paper is available free of charge for CEDIA members and $9.99 for non-members in the CEDIA Marketplace. Additional white papers in this series will be released throughout 2012. Learn more about the new IP and networking courses offered at CEDIA EXPO visit