Gamewell-FCI' E3 Series fire alarm and ECS

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell expanded its portfolio of emergency communications systems (ECS) to encompass technologies for in-building, between-building and distributed-recipient mass notification. Gamewell-FCI’s E3 Series fire alarm and ECS provides advanced fire protection and autonomous control of in-building and between-buildings emergency communications. For in-building audible notification, the E3 Series fire alarm and ECS can broadcast pre-recorded messages or live paging to specific areas of a facility or across an entire campus. Gamewell-FCI Local Operator Consoles can provide remote monitoring and control of an entire fire alarm and ECS network, in addition to allowing users to send live paging and pre-recorded announcements. Highly visible notification technologies such as digital and LED signage and high-impact alert beacons can be integrated with the E3 Series system. A text-to-speech module can broadcast the same text messages displayed on signage as audible announcements through the speakers of an E3 Series system. To cover outdoor areas between buildings, high-powered speaker and siren systems deliver continuous tone alerts and intelligible voice announcements. Rounding out Gamewell-FCI’s ECS line is a distributed recipient notification software platform that allows facilities to disseminate information through emails, SMS texts, and alerts on desktop computers and cable televisions.

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