S2 Security Corp. announced a tailored video solution for enterprise customers: NetVR version 1.1. It offers advanced video forensics and tight integration of access control and monitoring with video for users of the S2 NetBox and Enterprise products. Real-time surveillance is integrated into the home page, monitoring desktop and widget desktop of the associated NetBox or Enterprise controller and is the video surveillance center. The home page can display a single camera or multi-camera views, and video scales with the size of the browser window. Video for current and recent alarms can be displayed with a single mouse click, right from the activity log and can pop-up a video display when an alarm occurs. In all views, real time pan, tilt, and zoom controls are provided on-screen for cameras that support them. For larger installations, multiple NetVRs can be tied to a single controller. S2’s proprietary Forensic Desktop feature enables users to do more with their video by making it fast and easy to explore, find and review video data. Users can search stored video based on a variety of concepts, and every search provides a set of chronologically ordered thumbnails, each containing recorded video.

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