HID_VertXHID Global announced the EDGE EVO and VertX EVO controller platforms for networked access control.EDGE EVO and VertX EVO offer an open and scalable development platform for the deployment of a wide range of access control functionality, including remote management options, real-time monitoring, report generation and a custom rules engine that enables the use of the system hardware for complementary applications.

The platforms include a developer tool kit with OPIN application programming interface (API) for seamless migration. The scalability of the EDGE EVO and VertX EVO controller platform enables a comprehensive range of future access control functions that are interoperable with wireless locks and deliver enhanced security, such as implementations of highly advanced access rules, keypad door commands and large-scale anti-passback. 

Additionally, VertX EVO controllers operate within the company’s Trusted Identity Platform (TIP). These components enable this version and future revisions of the controller platform to operate with trusted connections from host to controller to reader.

For information, visit www.hidglobal.com/main/networked-access.