Vector_PMSFor the first time in 26 years, Vector Security®, Pittsburgh, is refreshing its brand strategy to highlight the overall customer experience and position the company as a leading provider of security and security-related solutions tailored to customer needs and business objectives.

The new branding consists of a refreshed Vector Security logo and the introduction of a new tagline for the company, “Intelligent security tailored for you.”

“Our new branding reinforces our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our customers,” said Pam Petrow, president and chief executive officer of Vector Security. “Our goal, as always, is to build lasting relationships with them to meet their security needs today and into the future.”

The new branding includes increased customer communications and an improved website, both of which educate customers on security and security-related best practices. The new website, which will launch later this summer, will also showcase new products and services provided by Vector Security and its preferred partners that can offer added convenience and protection.

Art Miller, vice president of marketing for Vector Security, described the new focus on customer communications: “We sent out a survey to all Vector Security customers in January and received a great response and feedback which is currently driving our communication efforts. For example, many customers were interested in learning about new products and services such as interactive video, so we are making sure they receive the information they need… We will continue to provide updates via our web site, social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, and via face to face meetings and print communications.

Vector’s customers played a big part in the rebranding, as the company wanted to be sure it included “the voice of the customer.” The company held focus groups with its residential, business and national account customers to get feedback during the rebranding process as it developed its new positioning, messaging, logo and identity.

“We asked questions such as, ‘What are you looking for in a security provider? What makes Vector Security better than the competition,” Miller said. “We previewed everything with our customer before we even took it to our employees. It was really critical to us to get the voice of the customer into our brand.”