Alarm Capital Alliance recently closed a transaction with Ultimate Security of Scottsboro, Ala. The purchase was considered an asset purchase, for accounts only. Ultimate Security will remain in business and will continue to service customers of ACA. 

Richie Burns, president of Ultimate Security, stated that this is a “tremendous transaction that allows us to remain in business, continue to sell accounts and provide service for all of our friends and customers.”

No details were given of the transaction. Although ACA has been quoted as saying this will increase their account base in Alabama by more than 1,000 accounts. In commenting on the transaction, Kelly Bond said, “This was one of the smoothest transactions that we’ve entered into. Richie has a great staff and quality accounts, and we’re looking forward to a prosperous relationship”.

Kelly Bond and Anastasia Bottos represented ACA. Ron Davis, Davis Mergers and Acquisitions Group represented the seller.