SafetyCare Technologies ™, Reading, Pa., announced the upcoming release a new automatic fall detection by fall 2012. The new EMTWatch FallDetect™ will transmit an alarm to SafetyCare’s Response Center (SRC), staffed by emergency medical technicians (EMTs), when a fall occurs.

The innovative and proprietary technology uses more than 20 algorithms with data collected from three sensors housed inside the waterproof unit to provide the most accurate fall detection. The proprietary design will significantly minimize the issues of false alarms that are common with similar devices available today.

 The EMTWatch FallDetect™ has the ability to identify a “slow fall” such as when someone is attempting to brace themselves as they slowly fall to the ground or out of a chair as well as “fast falls.” The EMTWatch FallDetect™ has been fashionably designed as a teardrop-shaped pendent that the company describes as “discreet and stylish,” in a press release.

The EMTWatch FallDetect™ is a device that works together with SafetyCare’s EMTWatch, a personal emergency response system (PERS), which was made available through the company’s authorized dealer network earlier this year.

The SafetyCare EMTWatch FallDetect™ is the culmination of more than two years of a research and development. It is anticipated this device will answer the growing demand for accurate fall detection for the Aging-in-Place market.

How It Works: Once the EMTWatch FallDetect™ identifies a possible fall has occurred it goes into a determination phase, at which time the device analyzes the measurements taken before, during, and immediately after the possible fall. If a fall is determined to have occurred, the EMTWatch FallDetect™ will begin to vibrate notifying the wearer that a fall has been detected, and an alarm is about to be sent to the EMTWatch Base Unit. During the notification stage the individual wearing the device can deactivate the alarm by pressing its manual alarm button for three seconds. If the wearer does not do this, an alarm is sent to the EMTWatch Base Unit, which dials out to the SafetyCare’s Response Center (SRC). EMTs staffing the SRC will then attempt to communicate with the wearer to triage the emergency event. If no communication can be made, emergency medical services will be dispatched to provide help.

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