The Enhanced UniPhier LSI processor used inside Panasonic’s 5-series i-PRO SmartHD full 1080p cameras provides H.264 video streams and a range of features to enhance system solutions. Enhanced UniPhier enables dual streaming to simultaneously supply 1080p full-HD and 360p video streams, both at 30 fps, for real-time monitoring and high-resolution recording. Enhanced UniPhier’s cropping sequence function provides a clear picture of both the whole image and a specified smaller area. A 640 by 360 cropped area of an overall image can be transmitted as the second video stream, and four cropped areas can be transmitted sequentially or rotated, moved or zoomed in using Common Gateway Interface (CGI) commands. CGI commands also can specify coordinates to select any area for cropping. Using the camera’s video motion detection (VMS) function as an event trigger can initiate cropping based on an alarm. Another new feature is two-area Variable Image Quality on Specified Area (VIQS), which enables up to two areas of an image to be encoded at lower quality to save bandwidth while maintaining maximum quality in critical areas of the field of view.

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