Software for Video Management


Two software releases from American Fibertek Inc. (AFI) aim to improve video management and control activities. Pilot v.5 video management software has new compatibility features, which include the complete line of Panasonic cameras and DVRs, Samsung’s complete camera and DVR line, the full line of Arecont Vision cameras and Pelco’s Endura lineup. Pilot v.5 also includes Keyscan access control integration and POS workstations integration. To help improve operational efficiencies, Pilot v.5 includes a set of management tools to capture and register events; log and measure task performance and provide advanced management reports. Up to 20 HD cameras can be viewed at 25 FPS using less than 30 percent processor utilization. The AFI-2089 virtual keyboard connects via a local communication port or TCP/IP via RFC2217 protocol. It is password protected and compatible with Mega Power, Intellex and Victor branded systems as well as AFI’s V’nes Net-IO for remote connections. The virtual keyboard includes numerous user features including eight programmable macro buttons; up to 1,000 macros each with up to 21 keystrokes; a seven-step variable speed graphical pan/tilt function; and a mouse wheel zoom.

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