If you’ve ever wondered about the connection between rubber ducks and security (and really, who hasn’t?), Steve Pineau, president and CEO of Burnaby, B.C.-based Viscount Systems, has the answer for you.

“Rubber ducks really have nothing to do with security,” he says. “However, kids love parents and grandparents who bring back cool stuff from trade shows. And frankly, ASIS attendees meet so many vendors and have so many meetings that it is easy for them to forget who they met, but they will remember getting Washington, Lincoln and Obama rubber ducks.”

The 3,000-plus rubber ducks Viscount is giving away come in 25 sets, including presidential ducks, military ducks, law enforcement ducks and first responder ducks. Attendees may reserve free rubber duck sets in advance at www.viscount.com and pick them up in Booth 4141 at the show. Pineau has high hopes and lofty goals for the promotion, and adds that if you’re hoping to take home a set, you’d better act now.

“This could be one of the greatest rubber duck giveaways in the history of ASIS,” he says. “Over 1,000 rubber ducks have been reserved, so it is important that attendees reserve rubber ducks early and before our supply is exhausted.”