iomegaIomega announced its new StorCenter network video recorder (NVR), a lineup of network storage and management solutions designed specifically for video surveillance applications for small to medium-sized businesses and distributed enterprise. StorCenter NVRs, which are expected to be available in October, will be available in two- and four-drive desktop models with up to 12 TB of storage on server-class hard drives. Depending on the particular model, each StorCenter NVR includes either four or eight camera licenses, with support available for up to 16 cameras. The integrated MindTree SecureMind Surveillance Manager eases implementation and turns StorCenter NVRs into feature-rich surveillance appliances, eliminating the need for a server or separate host to set up recordings and configurations. Features of the new StorCenter NVRs include multi-channel live monitoring, recording and fast video playback for multiple IP cameras and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

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