Keep Your IP, Irvine, Calif., announced it conducted extensive testing on its servers along with technical staff from RSI Technologies' Videofied headquarters.

The testing proved that the new video IP forwarding service was compatible with Videofied manufactured products including its event based alarm systems that feature PIR intruder detectors and built-in cameras.

The service offered by KYI Inc. was originally created to forward alert signals for alarm panels. Sold under the name, Keep Your IP, its offering is described as both a tool to help promote competition among central stations as well as an IP disaster recovery support service.

Just as toll-free number portability made it possible for alarm dealers with Telco based panels to quickly change central station providers, Keep Your IP makes it possible for dealers that have switched to the new IP based panels to do the same.

Now, Keep Your IP is offering a video version of its service. Video signals are forwarded just like the alarm panel version however for diversity and security purposes, the alarm panel signals will always get priority.  Keep Your IP also opened its third and largest data center in San Diego to support Videofied as a primary facility.

Keith Jentoft, president at Videofied – RSI Video Technologies, said, “KeepYourIP offers a reliable pathway for transmission between our products and the central station receivers and we are happy to have KeepYourIP as another option for our clients.”

As dealers put out new IP-based video monitoring systems or as they visit existing systems that have internet signaling connectivity, they simply program their unique IP address into each one. When a video signal is sent, it will first be routed through the KYI servers which will then instantly forward the signal to the IP address of the monitoring station configured on their KYI account. All this happens within milliseconds, the company described.

In the future, if there is ever a monitoring station issue and there is a need to reroute signals to a new location, the alarm dealer simply logs in to their account and enters the new IP address forwarding information.

Davin Roos, principal of Keep Your IP, said, “With the ever increasing demand in video surveillance we are excited to be able to offer a service to compliment a leading manufacturer like Videofied.”