Bedrock Learning, a training solution company for the connected home and low-voltage industries, announced a new resource in the industry, an online Training MARKETPLACE to showcase training options and programs for manufacturers, distributors and associations.

For many years Bedrock Learning has hosted vendor-neutral and manufacturer training, as well as contributed to content development. With today’s technology expanding and changing faster and faster, it is becoming increasingly important to have competent, trained installers, technicians, integrators and employees. Having all the best products and tools in the world can go wasted if the people needing the training don’t know where to find it. Enter the Training MARKETPLACE, with nine categories offering information.

  • Installation, Tools and Surge
  • IP Networking
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Control and Connectivity
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Sales and Business Skills
  • Industry Resources

“It’s difficult to find all the training opportunities in the industry and the MARKETPLACE will do just that, bringing awareness to available training across the industry, and provide easy access to new and existing customers,” said Helen Heneveld, president of Bedrock Learning. “Better trained technicians and sales people will help provide the growth our industry needs.”

Each category offers information with companies specific to that category, including company logo, contact information, product offerings, training options and a link to training on their website. The website is designed to make it easy for dealers and individuals to browse through a technology category, learn about companies involved in that category, and select available training. There are no products, pricing or selling of any kind in the Training MARKETPLACE.

Manufacturers, distributors and associations who host their own training may have a link to their training web site. Additionally, participants may choose to have Bedrock Learning develop and host online training courses with a link from the Training MARKETPLACE to their online training portal. These additional services are on a pay by the service program. Bedrock Learning also partners with BlueVolt, a leading LMS hosting company, who provides large scale online training services for companies in the electrical and CEDIA channel, for hosting.

For information, visit www.bedrocklearning.comor call the Bedrock team at 616.355.1418.