Paxton introduced an online access control training program accessible via the company’s website. The training program offers security system installers more options and opportunities to enhance their skills anytime, anywhere.

Paxton is currently offering a free 30-day license to people who register before June 1. The online training program consists of bite-sized modules arranged by product, covering Paxton’s access control and video intercom product lines giving installers the flexibility they need to learn. This means that those unable to attend a training session can work through online classes at their own pace, or revisit modules to sharpen their skills.

Global Training Manager, Steve Woodbridge, said: “At Paxton we have always been hugely passionate about training and education. We meet thousands of installers face to face in free training classes every year all over the world. Launching easy-to-access online training for our U.S. customers is so important to us right now. Providing more options for installers to complete Paxton training feeds into our company value of simplicity – enabling people to learn wherever they are and fit training into their schedule. While our in-person training program will continue to expand, providing an option for those unable to attend makes perfect sense. Paxton online training means installers and integrators will benefit from our 30-plus years of industry experience from wherever they are, whenever they choose.”

Paxton’s training team has ensured the online courses are interactive and engaging and include how-to videos, clear and concise text, and interactive exercises. Designed with Paxton’s core value of simplicity in mind, the online training will test and build confidence and knowledge of the company’s systems.

Eileen Reed, U.S. Field Training Manager, said: “Online training is a benefit to installers for a couple of reasons. First, an installer might have previously attended a Net2 training class and needs a refresher. Our online training gives them the opportunity to immediately get the information they need, especially when they have a project in progress. Also, everyone learns differently. Some people prefer to learn at their own pace and rewind and review information to retain it. Our online training provides that.”

The online training modules are arranged by product. They cover Paxton’s access control and door entry product lines giving installers the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Initial modules are:

•             Net2 plus — Everything to get up and running with Net2 installation

•             Net2 software — Go deeper into the configuration and day-to-day management of Net2 system

•             Entry for Net2 — An introduction to using the video intercom solution alongside Net2 access control

Woodbridge added: “For our installers, especially in areas where we don’t currently offer training, this online tool will be really convenient. I believe it will be another excellent way for us to support our installers.”

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