Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies announced the Schlage FIPS 201-1 (Federal Information Processing Standards Publication) AD-Series of locks, which provideIngersoll Rand Security Technologies Schlage FIPS 201-1 enhanced connectivity options to lower door-opening costs. Both the AD-301 hardwired and AD-401 wireless locks are sold as a complete system with specific FIPS 201-1 compliant components, including the lock and reader. The FIPS 201-1 read PIV or PIV-I compliant smart cards via a FIPS 201-1 compliant multi-technology (FMK) reader and have configurable output formats using specific hardware and firmware versions (FIPS.A.10 or higher) per the FIPS201-1 certification. Depending on the access control panel, the installer can directly wire multiple AD-301 hardwired locks to the panel and secure up to 16 access points wirelessly with each PIM400-485 interface to the AD-401 wireless locks. The AD-401 can communicate to an access control system using either Wiegand communication via PIM400-TD2 interface module or RS-485 communications via a PIM400-485 interface module. Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies