outdoor wide area emergency communications capabilitiesGamewell-FCI by Honeywell announces outdoor wide area emergency communications capabilities that integrate with its E3 Series fire alarm and emergency communications systems. New networking and communications technologies from Acoustic Technology Inc. (ATI) Systems provides Gamewell-FCI systems with the option to transmit messages through wide area outdoor systems via five different pathways, solving difficult applications where the use of radio frequencies is not allowed. Access to multiple paths enables the set-up of an optional backup path for more redundant, reliable systems. Gamewell-FCI systems also gain greater control over more sub-systems such as traffic lights, LED signage and remote access gates. Technological advancements enable the E3 Series to integrate with ATI’s wide area speaker arrays to transmit messages over IP (Internet Protocol), a single twisted-pair of copper wire or fiber optic cable, satellite, or the more commonly used, RF (Radio Frequency). More than one communication option allows for the set-up of a secondary, backup path for added redundancy during emergencies.

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