Decoder BoardSony Electronics announced the NSBK‐DH05 H.264/MPEG‐4 decoder board for its NSR‐500 HD Network Surveillance server. This optional display accelerator board allows for viewing live H.264/MPEG‐4 HD video via HDMI while the NSR‐500 records it. The decoder board adds utility to the NSR‐500. In its standard configuration, the server is designed primarily to record, store and playback surveillance video. The live streaming video capabilities have a limited frame rate suitable for setup and testing purposes. The NSBK‐DH05 adds real-time viewing of multiple cameras, allowing it to be used as the central hub of a full‐function video surveillance system. The decoder is designed only for the high‐efficiency H.264/MPEG‐4 codec and defaults to the NSR‐500’s onboard processing when set to record in JPEG. The NSR‐500 network surveillance server has a 16-camera capacity is expandable to 24 with additional licensing. It has 6‐bays for internal storage for up to 12 TB capacity (2TBx6) and 16 TB external storage expansion possible via iSCSI interface.

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