NCS4 and SDM Magazine announce a new sports venue security design program called Innovations, which will include both an educational track and award, to debut at the NCS4 Annual Conference in July 2013.

The Safety and Security Design and Construction Innovations (Innovations) program will highlight excellence in system integration, architecture, engineering or construction (A/E/C) specifically related to the safety and security of spectators, property and infrastructure of spectator event facilities.

Innovations will be developed through a collaborative effort including submitted case studies and applications from leading systems integration, architecture, design, engineering and consulting firms. The program will collect successful new construction and renovation projects that have had security and safety front and center in their planning and execution. The outcome will be a new educational track and award at the conference.

“A critical aspect of sports venue design is the forethought of the safety and security of all stakeholders including employees, fans and guests. The application of best practices and technology is a core element of successful security programs in our market. The Innovations program is a logical and exciting extension of our educational and recognition programs,” said Dr. Lou Marciani, executive director, NCS4.

From this outreach and submission program, all accepted submissions will be published and distributed at the NCS4 Conference and on the industry-leading A panel of judges will review all applications and choose the most compelling projects. Those chosen will become the new program track’s content at the annual NSC4 Conference by having those case studies presented. One submission will be selected as the best and named the first Golden Eagle Award recipient.

Laura Stepanek, editor, SDM magazine noted, “It is a privilege to partner with NCS4 and be involved in this exciting program. Many SDM subscriber companies are involved in the sports market. Their work on sports venues is innovative, hence the name of the new program.”

Components of the program that applicants will provide and that judges will be considering include:

  • What problem or situation was presented to your organization to solve?
  • What was your solution, specifically related to design and technology?
  • Document that it has been successful, including an endorsement from the venue/customer.
  • Submit a 300-word case study about the project.

About the NCS4 Golden Eagle Award: The University of Southern Mississippi is home to the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security and the Golden Eagles. This new award will recognize excellence in the security and safety aspects of sports venues by their designers, builders and installers. And the award will honor the best project among all nominees each year.  The naming of the Golden Eagle Award also recognizes the commitment and work the University of Southern Mississippi has made to the safety and security in the global spectator sports industry.

For more information, contact SDM’s editor, Laura Stepanek, at