Arecont Vision University has advanced to provide an online portal for reseller partner education. Responding to the demand for the company’s Channel Partner Certification Programs (CPCP), Los Angeles-based Arecont Vision has developed an online learning center to make educational courses available on demand. The program, CPCP TEC, consists of online product training and tips to help systems integrators more easily install Arecont Vision multi-megapixel cameras. CPCP TEC is one component of the company’s Channel Partner Certification Program, including general certification and advanced certification courses held regionally as one-day training sessions.

“This exciting new portal further demonstrates Arecont Vision’s educational leadership in the security industry. The CPCP TEC courses provide another way for Arecont Vision to support the needs of technicians installing our cameras,” said Jason Schimpf, director of partner relations, Arecont Vision. “Through a series of short video clips, technicians can view lessons on the proper installation, configuration and servicing of our megapixel cameras. Since the courses are delivered via the Web, we will continue to add new content to enable our certified partners to meet their ongoing education needs.”

Lessons in CPCP TEC are 5 to 10 minutes in length and are broken into segments for easy comprehension. Topics include:

•          setup and installation of each camera family,

•          camera Web settings tutorial,

•          setting a custom exposure reference,

•          camera “Troubleshooting 101,” and

•          updating camera firmware.

CPCP TEC training is free of charge. Please register at the Arecont Vision University page, Web-based general and advanced CPCP courses will also be added to Arecont Vision University in the near future.