B2B electronic security product provider, IPX360 Solutions Inc., based in Montreal, signed an agreement with U.K.-based CheckMySystems Ltd., a video surveillance health and operation monitoring software specialist, to act as its agent for CheckMyCCTV in North America.

The CheckMyCCTV application, to be offered by IPX360 Solutions Inc. in the United States and Canada, is designed to automatically identify and report specific video surveillance system faults as soon as they are detected. Typical issues that can be flagged by CheckMyCCTV include: camera failures, hard-disk failures, recording issues, time-accuracy problems, and network connection failures. Early detection helps to ensure that problems are resolved before they can affect negatively on system performance, the company stated.

IPX360 Solutions sees tremendous potential in targeting CheckMyCCTV at security distributors and owners of large-scale and multiple sites. Central stations are another focus, where interest already has been expressed in CheckMyCCTV by providers, given its capacity to enhance the efficiency of their operations and, crucially, the system status information that can be provided to customers, according to IPX360 Solutions.

Regis Glorieux, president of IPX360 Solutions Inc., explains what attracted him to the CheckMyCCTV solution: “In my view there is a real need for a new approach to checking on video surveillance systems in the United States and Canada. When working with and for distributors, I regularly came across recorders that were simply not working and may have been out of action for weeks or even longer. I am certainly not alone in this. Often the first time the customer realized anything was amiss was when there was an incident and they couldn’t retrieve the video.

“With CheckMyCCTV in place these problems are picked up automatically, and highlighted by an on-screen warning at a monitoring station or even via a smart phone app, so no one needs to be left in the dark. Another factor, which is very appealing and differentiates CheckMyCCTV from less-capable solutions, is the ability of the software to work with multiple video surveillance system brands. Traditionally, such solutions have tended to be very much manufacturer-specific. This isn’t very practical for customers who want to avoid the headache of trying to run four or five pieces of software simultaneously. Now, with CheckMyCCTV they can access a single, convenient interface for all important status checking,” Glorieux said.

Commented Darren Rewston, founder and managing director of CheckMySystems Ltd., “The experience we have had to date in the U.K., working with monitoring stations, large retailers and other users, shows that CheckMyCCTV can make a positive difference to fault finding and how the maintenance of video surveillance systems is managed.

“The need to implement effective checks was underlined in a snapshot survey we conducted of 300 sites across the U.K. Before CheckMyCCTV was implemented, a worrying 75 percent of sites had one or more issues affecting the operational performance of the CCTV system, ranging from daylight saving time not being updated, to camera failures, recording problems, and hard disk issues,” he described.

CheckMyCCTV is compatible with more than 25 video surveillance system brands and OEMs, including: Samsung, Costar Video, Hikvision, American Dynamics, Digimerge, Dedicated Micros, Panasonic, Xtralis, and Dahua — with more being added to this list all the time.

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