Vector Security, Pittsburgh, in partnership with Risk Management Services Loss Prevention LLC announced a Point-of-Sale (POS) monthly service to address the rise in employee theft and provide a tool for customers to review data and analytics to improve business processes.

The offering entitled insidePOS™ is a point of sale monitoring service that helps spot cashier infractions as they occur — not days, weeks, or even months later, the company emphasized. insidePOS leverages customer-identified triggers such as refunds, voided transactions, no sales, sales under one dollar and a host of other examples which can result in employee’s friends and family sweet hearting, elaborate return schemes, or stealing directly from the cash registers.

“These triggers instantly create and transmit a video clip along with associated point of sale data relative to the event each time the identified event occurs,” said Jim Close, managing partner at RMSLP. “This solution allows the customer or our investigative team to intervene if warranted, virtually on a real-time basis.”

Whether the intentions of their employees are dishonest or not, even untrained or unsupervised employees may be doing things incorrectly, which can impact customer inventory and auditing systems.

“insidePOS gives our customer a new level of transparency and control tied to the events that could impact their business on a daily basis.” said Art Miller, vice president of marketing for Vector Security. “insidePOS is an intelligent security solution that businesses can tailor to their needs and deliver analytics that matter most to them.”

While insidePOS will be officially introduced to the retail market at the Orgill Dealer Market in Orlando, Fla. from Feb. 21-23, the service is currently in use at Gordon’s Ace Hardware in Chicago, Ill.

“The concept of combining a camera system, POS data, and a monitoring service into one product offering is a concept that will revolutionize the industry,” said Jeremy Melnick, Owner of Gordon’s Ace Hardware. “Since deploying insidePOS™, the video clips have been used to train our management team, fix loopholes in our POS security system, and our employees are subtly reminded that procedures must be followed or questions will be asked.”

Melnick added, “I feel this service provides another level of control over my business and I can’t imagine running my company without it.”