Vector Security, based in Pittsburgh, has launched a hosted video solution to provide its commercial and residential customers with an alternative to conventional analog cameras that offers HD image capture and mobile access to real-time IP video.

Known as CloudControl, the solution has been used in more than 50 pilot offerings in selected areas, installed with hundreds of cameras in a range of applications, both residential and commercial. In these installations, the solution has been effective at helping businesses monitor multiple locations remotely, reduce internal resources needed for enterprise-level security and improve internal processes through more intelligent customer and employee monitoring. Those businesses who have participated in the pilot program are using it for a variety of scenarios, including monitoring foot traffic to ensure proper staffing of locations, documenting theft, training employees and receiving notifications of vandalism.

Vector launched the solution to fulfill a need for quality video that is easily accessible, tamper-proof and requires little to no maintenance, said Rick Simpson, Vector’s vice president of technology.

“We have heard one too many times that when a customer goes to access video, a DVR or other device wasn’t working properly. As a result, what they thought would be there wasn’t. CloudControl takes this worry out of the equation,” he said.

According to Vector, the benefits of CloudControl include:

  • low up-front investment with no software or equipment updates required;
  • simultaneous multi-site viewing via smartphone or desktop Web browser;
  • health monitoring for all cameras with triggered alerts to your mobile device;
  • tamper-proof to ensure access to video when you need it most;
  • rapid access to both low- and high-resolution video via Web browser;
  • scalable and secure enterprise solution that grows with the business; and
  • in-camera analytics to leverage data for business needs.

CloudControl is the latest in what Vector plans to be a continued series of offerings that takes advantage of the latest technology to offer customers the kinds of services they want and need, said Pam Petrow, Vector’s president and CEO.

“As technology continues to mature, Vector Security is committed to providing innovative security solutions that meet customer needs, both today and in the future,” she said. “Hosted video surveillance, backed by Vector Security’s top-of-the-line security and managed broadband solutions, enables businesses and individuals to achieve highly effective, reliable monitoring that is affordable, operationally efficient and scalable as their needs evolve.”