Real-Time Technology Group (RTTG), Flemington, N.J., delivers secure, fully hosted and managed technology solutions for mission-critical information challenges: personal identity verification, professional certification and credential management, and other custom-developed security solutions. 

The company was founded in 1999 with the goal of helping public agencies and private enterprises improve the performance of safety and security programs through technology. That led to “developing and operating personal identity and credential management technologies that drive real-time personnel assurance at some of the country’s largest construction projects and highest-value terrorist targets, including the World Trade Center and NY-metro area transportation infrastructure,” stated Dan Krantz, chief executive officer of RTTG. The company prides itself on 100 percent U.S.-based operations.

RTTG’s technology solutions monitor and facilitate critical information management within an enterprise, among agencies and organizations, or throughout an industry. The company is set up to serve vertical markets such as airports and transportation, critical infrastructure, public landmarks and city centers, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, education and corrections, among others.

The applications of the technology can vary from traditional identity management, to keeping equipment inventory and tracking objects, to quickly determining whether anyone in a location has the required professional and training certifications to respond safely and securely to an emergency.

RTTG sells its solutions through the security channel as well as directly to customers, though the company has a strong focus and keen awareness of not creating conflicts in using both those channels. With a background in marketing and sales through complex business channels, which was his father’s specialty, Krantz commented that protecting margins for integrators by providing special pricing not available to end users is a key component of the company’s market strategy.

Though the company has grown and evolved in the past 14 years, the turning point for RTTG, Krantz related, was landing the Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC) project with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in 2007. SWAC is a comprehensive highly secure information-sharing program that helps to ensure that workers who access critical facilities or key infrastructures are known, safe, and threat-free. RTTG has processed more than 80,000 membership applications in the New York metro area from individuals who wish to participate in the consortium.

In addition, the Atlantic County, N.J. Sheriff’s Office recently adopted RTTG’s personnel assuranceand training verification for regional First Responders. This Emergency Personnel Information Center (EPIC) enhances first responder effectiveness and simplifies training record management by: maintaining current training records and certifications; alerting department members and/or training officers of expiring certifications; and, optimally deploying responders to critical incident scenes based on verifiable skill sets. EPIC provides a secure, managed service that is easy to use and readily accessible without special hardware or installed software, Krantz explained.

In 2013, RTTG is working to certify IP-based hardware for access control, analytics and biometric authentication including facial recognition, so it can specify products that work well with its cloud-based architecture. In particular, the company is working on a key integration for the security market with situational awareness platforms (SAPs). Krantz is looking forward to being able to “marry” RTTG’s identity solutions “with what are ultimately event-based solutions,” he said. “SAPs typically pick up alarms, sensors and video to tell you what’s happening and where it’s happening. But those systems don’t identify who’s involved, or what people you have in the vicinity that would be the best people based on verified skill-sets to respond to an incident.”

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