A new program, launched by network video management solutions provider Vicon Industries, based in Hauppage, N.Y., aims to actively encourage schools to share access to their surveillance systems with local law enforcement as a means of increasing school safety.

To support video sharing between schools and law enforcement, Vicon will provide free VicoNet video management software licenses to local police or law enforcement agencies responsible for securing any K-12 district or preschool facility that purchases a new VicoNet system. Any school that takes advantage of this offer will have the extra security of having law enforcement agencies view live and recorded video instantly should an emergency arise, which will allow them to plan smarter interventions as necessary.

With flexible viewing options for stations and squad cars, VicoNet allows school administrators to set law enforcement’s permissions and access levels as deemed appropriate.

“There is a clear security benefit to school districts when police are able to keep an extra eye on what’s happening, whether it’s in real time during an emergency or in viewing recorded video after an event that requires forensic investigation,” said Bret McGowan, Vicon’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Vicon is pleased to help make this ‘best practice’ possible for more of our K-12 and preschool customers by underwriting the cost for law enforcement to obtain the necessary software.”


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