Montreal-based ImmerVision announced that High Quality Optics (HQO) released what it said is the first-ever high-megapixel, day/night, board-mount 360-deg. panomorph lens. Providing more coverage and pixel density than older fisheye technology, this commercial-grade lens is the catalyst for next-generation panomorph mini-dome launched in early 2013, the company described.

With panomorph, customers benefit from compatibility with over 40 certified video surveillance solutions thanks to the open ImmerVision Enables 360-deg. viewing standard, according to ImmerVision. After plug-and-play installation, users achieve hemispherical views transmitted without blind spots or compromised resolution. They also experience immersive navigation in live or playback, compare full-frame multi-angle views, and gain access to impressive software-specific features that improve risk management.

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