Atlanta-based Telguard, a division of Telular Corporation, has licensed its cellular technology to Mytrex Inc., a manufacturer of medical alarm systems. Under the terms of the exclusive agreement, Mytrex will use Telguard’s cellular technology and service as the communications system for the MXD3G, a complete turnkey cellular PERS solution.

Telguard explained that nearly one-third of American homes do not have a landline, including the homes of independent seniors who choose to eliminate their phone line to save money. Until now, cutting the phone line also meant losing their medical response service, which required a landline connection. Mytrex’s MXD3G, integrated with Telguard’s cellular technology and service, provides a robust, easy-to-install cellular solution without the need for a telephone line, Telguard described. Whether for new or existing customers, the MXD3G allows seniors to access help in case of a medical emergency at an affordable price, the company said.

“We were looking for a manufacturer with proven cellular technology and service to enhance our product line and help us address the growing no-landline senior population,” said Richard Bangerter, president, Mytrex Inc. “Telguard’s extensive experience in alarm communications for security and the fact that they introduced the first cellular PERS communicator, made them the ideal technology partner.”

Telguard’s approach to cellular PERS communications does not require central stations to purchase and maintain proprietary equipment. As long as a dealer’s central station advertises support for two-way voice, the MXD3G using Telguard service can be installed to deliver it, according to Telguard.

The company said its cellular service activation for the MXD3G is quick and simple through Telguard Online.

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