Most residential and commercial models from Honeywell’s VISTA series of alarm panels now support lighting, shade and temperature control technology from Lutron Electronics, giving security and home-automation professionals a greater range of options when designing connected-home systems for their customers.

By supporting Lutron’s RadioRA 2 Total Home Control System, the VISTA panels allow installers to offer homeowners the ability to save energy and create lighting scenes based on whether their security systems are armed. For example, the Lutron system can be programmed to turn off lights, close shades and roll back the temperature if the alarm panel is armed, either through a keypad or remotely. Additionally, the solution can turn lights on if the alarm is tripped by an intruder.

“Advanced technology has become an expectation for today’s homeowners in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and personal protection,” said Alan Stoddard, senior marketing director, Honeywell Security Products Americas. “As a result, interest in home automation has never been higher. Having our wider range of VISTA panels support the RadioRA 2 system means more homeowners have an easier path to a home automation system.”

Both the Honeywell alarm and Lutron RadioRA 2 system are available through the ADI distribution network.

The RadioRA 2 system works with the VISTA-15P, 20P, 21iP, 128BPT, 250BPT, 128FBPT, 250FBPT and 32FBPT panels, as well as equivalent panels offered by First Alert Professional authorized dealers.