Protect America Inc., a provider of wireless home security solutions, announced an effort to reduce its environmental impact. New projects associated with the initiative include paperless billing, packaging redesign, and improving environmental awareness among employees.

Protect America’s green initiative is the result of an efficiency audit that sought ways to limit costs and reduce overall waste. Reducing the amount of paper waste associated with packaging, manuals, and invoices quickly became the focus of the new project as the cost of paper has increased substantially over the years. Employees were tasked with developing innovative ways to reduce paper, says Protect America executive vice president, Scott Fleming.

“It was obvious from the beginning that paper was an obvious area to concentrate our efforts,” Fleming said. “Many of our employees surprised us with their clever ideas for new boxes and ways to relay information to our customers. Our green initiative has been successful in the early stages and we’re excited to see where it goes from here.”

Highlights of Protect America’s green initiative have been new installation manuals and a box redesign that drastically reduces paper use. The company’s new box is intended to eliminate pages from the installation manual by incorporating certain information directly into the design. This one change will save thousands of pounds of paper over the next year and helped push forward other changes, like paperless billing.

“We quickly realized the cost savings of our recycling and environmental programs,” said Melissa Walker, a spokeswoman for Protect America. “We’re looking for more areas to expand our efforts and we’re confident more can be done to eliminate waste.”

The packaging redesign will help eliminate costs further by allowing Protect America to consolidate shipping, reducing the total number of boxes needed and lowering fuel costs. Protect America expects to focus on a few green initiatives every year to ensure that overall waste is minimized.