At last month’s ISC West show in Las Vegas, Arecont Vision celebrated its 10th anniversary with a retrospective of the company’s advances in megapixel technology displayed in its booth.

On April 3, 2003, Dr. Michael Kaplinsky and Dr. Vladimir Berezin, who had pioneered CMOS sensor technology, founded Arecont Vision. At the time, they were confident the company could develop high-resolution IP-based surveillance cameras that would be superior in image quality and resolution to traditional analog and IP VGA cameras — at very competitive price points.

“The advent of IP video at the turn of the century presented a unique opportunity to introduce HDTV resolution into video surveillance, where the ability to zoom in on the details of the scene is paramount. Transmitting video as network data enabled the development of cameras and systems with resolutions and frame rates not limited by the old analog standards, but only the state-of-the-art in on-camera image generation and processing. Ten years ago we decided to leverage our expertise in megapixel imaging, massively-parallel image processing architectures and computer networking to create low-cost megapixel systems that would forever change video surveillance as we knew it,” said Kaplinsky, who serves as Arecont Vision’s CEO. “As we enter our second decade, we remain committed to leading the way with megapixel technology that is beyond the imagination of our customers.”

Berezin, the company’s president, added, “Michael and I recognized a need that was going unfulfilled in the video surveillance industry, and we had the knowledge required to fill it. Throughout the past decade, Arecont Vision megapixel technology has been recognized repeatedly as representing a better value proposition than traditional low-resolution solutions.”