After putting it through the ringer during beta-testing, IdentiSys chose the Zebra ZXP Series 7 printer for all its ID card-printing needs, both internally and for its customers who outsource their card printing to IdentiSys. 


As a full-service provider of identification and security solutions, Minnesota-based IdentiSys serves more than 28,000 customers in a diverse range of industries. The company offers outsourced card printing as a convenient and more cost-effective option for its customers who only need to print ID cards or badges occasionally — and thus aren’t ready to make the investment in their own printers.

These customers expect cards that are not only high-quality, but are delivered quickly. To meet those demands and those of its own marketing department, IdentiSys needed a card printer that could produce a large volume of cards in a short timeframe.

The company beta-tested the Zebra ZXP Series 7 Card Printer from Zebra Technologies, using it for both its own internal card printing needs and for delivering outsourced card printing services to customers. Among the projects IdentiSys undertook during testing was creating badges on behalf of The CREST Publications Group for crestEXPO, a commercial real estate trade show that attracts approximately 3,000 attendees and exhibitors to Dallas each year. Using the ZXP Series 7 printer, IdentiSys was able to print all 3,000 event ID badges in less than a day — exceeding the company’s own expectations in addition to its customer’s.

The IdentiSys marketing team put the ZXP Series 7 printer through a test of its own, using it for its own marketing campaigns. With no formal training, the team was able to execute those campaigns and demonstrate the ease of use Zebra Technologies promised.

“We just started using it. It’s very intuitive and easy to use,” said Darlene Swan, director of marketing for IdentiSys.

Demonstrating the printer’s reliability, the marketing team found it could start it and work on other tasks without having to constantly monitor its output.

“We just loaded the media, started the job and walked away,” Swan said.

As a result of these and other tests the printer was subjected to during the beta-testing period, IdentiSys ultimately chose the ZXP Series 7 printer for its internal needs and the needs of its customers who outsource their card printing to the company.

“The ZXP Series 7 is fabulous. We’re very impressed with the combination of the throughput and clarity of the images,” Swan said. “It’s hard to get both; you usually have to sacrifice one or the other.”

In addition, Swan said the printer helps IdentiSys boost profitability by providing a competitive cost per card. And because the printer’s high-capacity ribbons reduce expenses by delivering more images per roll and less waste, the ZXP Series 7 also helps lower the company’s overhead.

“The Zebra ZXP Series 7 is the reliable foundation we need for our outsourced card-printing services,” Swan said.