IdentiSys Inc., an integrator of identification, card issuance, emergency response and access control systems, formed a partnership with customer flow management systems provider Qmatic.

Qmatic’s solutions help organizations manage and measure their customer flow by monitoring a customer’s entire visit and capturing statistical information at each point of contact. The goal of Qmatic’s analysis and reporting tools is to help management increase customer satisfaction and staff efficiency by reducing both actual and perceived waiting times by allowing them to improve operations and supervise daily activities.

“We are pleased to become the latest U.S. dealer for Qmatic,” said Mike Shields, IdentiSys CEO. “We are always looking for new opportunities, new products and new value-added services to offer our customers.  After Qmatic approached us, and throughout several discussions, it became evident that this addition to our product line would be the perfect fit for both IdentiSys and Qmatic. In the past, Qmatic had primarily been sold through direct sales.”

“Qmatic is an excellent addition to our product line and the perfect extension of the products we currently offer,” said Deb Ferril, president of IdentiSys. “Our current customers in healthcare, government, colleges and universities, gaming and more can greatly benefit from the methodology of Customer Flow Management.  And, since we are already calling on these customers we feel this product line extension will give us a greater opportunity to add even more value to our offering.”

 “We are thrilled to have IdentiSys become our newest U.S. dealer,” said Andrew Tierney, Q-Matic Corp.’s channel manager. “We were looking for a dealer who could provide local sales and services throughout a large area and feel we have found the best possible partner in IdentiSys. We instantly have local coverage in over half of the U.S. The message that IdentiSys will be bringing out to their customer base is that we know that no one enjoys standing in long lines and Qmatic provides you with a way to make customer queuing faster, more efficient and much less painful for everyone.”