“Bold” is Control4’s description for its new update to the Control4® Operating System along with enhancements to its popular HC-800 and HC-250 Controllers. Together they will vastly simplify networking configuration, eliminate the hassle of license management, and greatly reduce the need for dealers to make on-site support visits, the company reported in a press release.


With the launch of the new Control4 OS 2.4, Control4 delivers enhanced functionality for Control4 4Sight® Service, enabling 3G/4G connectivity to the customer's system via their iOS or Android mobile device from virtually anywhere in the world. Whether on a Wi-Fi connection or mobile cellular service, customers can access their Control4 home automation system with the confidence of end-to-end security.


Control4 OS 2.4 also delivers native support for TuneIn in the Control4 UI on HC-800 and HC-250 controllers, adding over 70,000 streaming Internet radio stations. Now users can enjoy music, news, sports, and podcasts, from stations around the globe, with no subscription fees or need to set up or maintain a list of static radio station URLs.


The Control4 OS 2.4 also powers the newly released Control4 Remote Recharging Station. Designed as a quick, simple and easy retrofit for existing SR-150 and SR-250 System Remote Controls, the Remote Recharging Station includes a sleek recharging station, a replacement battery cover with charging pins, and a lightweight, high-power-density rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Now, customers will be able to know that their Control4 remotes are always charged.


Finally, with OS 2.4, dealers can connect more easily to their customers' smart home systems to troubleshoot or make system changes without being on-site, making it possible to provide more in-depth customer support without a truck roll.


“With OS 2.4, rich with new capabilities, our dealers will have new ways to expand their business and support their customers,” said Jim Arnold, senior vice president of sales, Control4. “Now that we've added 3G/4G connectivity to Control4 systems through advanced Web services, we've radically simplified the way dealers can provide anywhere access for their customers — giving more and more consumers the ability to check-in on their home from their smart device, no matter where they are.”


Control4's next-generation HC-800 and HC-250 Controllers include Control4 MyHome as well as in-home Intercom software capability. These additions, along with the new features of OS 2.4, deliver a whole lot of functionality — streaming Internet radio, mobile connectivity and remote access, whole-home communications capabilities — with every new system.


For more information, visit www.control4.com