Location-Based Thermostat Automation

Alarm.com announced enhancements to its Geo-Services offering, including location-based thermostat automation and video recording options. With the latest Geo-Services offering, homeowners can use their location as an input to make automatic adjustments at home. With Alarm.com Geo-Services, homeowners can simply create a “geo-fence” and add personalized automation and notification rules based on a phone’s location. Users can choose to enable this functionality on an iPhone or Android phone via the Alarm.com mobile app, and then create a rule that adjusts the thermostat when they enter or exit the geo-fence around the home.

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Platform Integrates Security and Home Services

Alarm.com announced Platform Connect, a flexible integration service for partners to connect their products with the Alarm.com platform. This enables more devices and partners to be integrated into the Alarm.com service and single app experience. Homeowners can control, manage and monitor their connected home services from a single Alarm.com mobile app or from their Web account, and create automation rules that let these devices work together automatically. Recent third-party integration partners include LiftMaster, Lutron and Solar Integration.

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Operating System Update Includes Mobile Connectivity

Control4 updated its Control4 Operating System along with enhancements to the HC-800 and HC-250 controllers. With Control4 OS 2.4, Control4 delivers enhanced functionality for Control4 4Sight Service, enabling 3G/4G connectivity to the customer’s system via iOS or Android mobile device. Whether on a Wi-Fi connection or mobile cellular service, customers can access the Control4 home automation system. Control4 OS 2.4 also delivers native support for TuneIn in the Control4 UI on HC-800 and HC-250 controllers, adding more than 70,000 streaming Internet radio stations. Users can enjoy music, news and podcasts without subscription fees.

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