Everyone is outdoors grilling, swimming, playing, relaxing and hanging out with family and friends. It’s time for you to be the “cool” dealer and provide them new technologies that will make them happy outside.

Leverage your current customer base; they already know you and trust you. Take advantage of these new product opportunities and increase sales and customer satisfaction:


  1. Wireless Speakers

    Weather-resistant speakers withstand the outside and can easily be connected to existing audio sources for outdoor listening. Just paint the picture of “relaxing in your hammock and listening to your favorite artists” or “dancing on the deck to your favorite oldies.
  2. Outside Displays

    Check out the amazing displays now made for outdoor use. With their bright picture, weather-resistant case and large size, they are a natural for the sports fanatic or movie buff. These all-in-one contained displays are quick to install and even quicker to amaze your customers. Oh yes, don’t forget to include wireless speakers to deliver the ultimate experience.
  3. Lighting

    Affordable and colorful rope lighting is flying off the shelves and can accent any outside area. Add quick installation and lighting control of these lights, along with the existing landscape, floods or wall lights and you’ve “set the mood” for outdoor entertaining. And now you’ve opened the door for indoor lighting control sometime in the future.

At least one of these three items will delight your customers and increase revenues, as well as laying the groundwork to connect with them again before the winter holidays. In November they will want to share holiday music outdoors and easily control their Christmas lights from the convenience of inside the home or automatically. You are there to update lighting control, share the latest technologies they can get from you, and help them get their gift shopping done early!

Remember, it’s not about selling black boxes or even a system, it’s about getting to know your customers, building a relationship and enhancing their busy lives.

Would you like to get organized to offer lighting control with the right tools?

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