In today’s world, listening to music and awesome audio is a mainstay in nearly everyone’s lives. Consider the huge variety of headphones offered today and the affordable soundbars delivering the home theater experience with unbelievable sound. So many devices are fast becoming connected and part of the IoT, Internet of Things. Just look at the dramatic growth in digital content and streaming media.

Another hot new trend that’s “way cool,” easy to install and will amaze your friends and customers is wireless audio. Gone are the days where pre-wire during construction was required. You can now add speakers in any remote room or even outdoors. All you need is a small box that connects to the wireless home network, called an audio playeror streamer. The box receives the audio signal wirelessly, amplifies the signal and plays it through the speakers attached to the player.

Now you might say you’re a security company and don’t do audio. But think again, you are already connecting the security system to the network, why not leverage your network knowledge and expand your offerings? Wireless technology provides audiophile sound quality and people want to enhance their listening experience at home.

Both Russound and Legrand-Nuvo have wireless audio systems available now and others are coming to market soon. Give it a try in your own home and I bet you’ll be delighted and eager to offer it to your customers. And that’s what we all want, more sales and happier customers.

Would you like to get organized and offer great listening?

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