Paul_SilvaThe National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) appointed Paul Silva, customer service manager for Wayne Alarm Systems, as the Central Station Alarm Association’s voting member to their NFPA 72 Supervising Station Systems Committee.

NFPA 72 is the leading authoritative source of life safety codes recognized around the world. The NFPA develops, publishes and disseminates more than three hundred codes and standards, intended to minimize the possibility of fire and other life safety risks.  NFPA 72 also guides the installation, testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems, supervising station alarm systems, public emergency alarm reporting systems, fire warning equipment and emergency communications systems. This NFPA Supervising Station Committee formulates the necessary codes to formalize regulations and laws by states and countries worldwide to minimize the possibility and hazards of fire and other life safety risks.

Silva, with more than 31 years of experience at Wayne Alarm Systems, has been designing fire systems for company installers, sales consultants, and fire officials, as well and consulting and training those same individuals in best industry practices. He is also a past president of the Massachusetts Systems Contractors Association, active in ESX Electronic Security Association affairs and is the senior instructor and trainer for Wayne Alarm Systems technical department.

Wayne Alarm Systems is a nationally recognized installing company with a state of the art UL, FM Central Station facility right at the company’s home office in Lynn, Mass.  Founder Ralph Wayne Sevinor, recognized “the importance of giving back to the fire and security profession as well as to the communities we serve.”   

Sevinor commented, “Paul brings a well-balanced, knowledgeable approach to everything he does and he will be a real asset to the NFPA 72 committee and the industry at large.”