NFPA 72-2010 includes a new section outlining intelligibility requirements for voice evacuation systems. The inclusion of these requirements will necessitate changes in how these systems are designed and installed.

Because intelligibility is a relatively new concept to fire and life safety systems, System Sensor, St. Charles, Ill., is providing a free whitepaper, Guidelines: Meeting NFPA 72-2010 and DOD Intelligibility Requirements, to help designers and installers understand the concept of intelligibility, new terminology included in the code, how to determine which spaces must meet intelligibility requirements, and factors that affect intelligibility. In addition, it will focus on applying the code.

“This whitepaper provides an overview of the code and some best practices to ensure voice evacuation systems meet the latest intelligibility requirements,” said Christa Poss, marketing manager for audible visible devices, System Sensor. “If you’re installing, designing or approving voice evacuation systems, the information in this paper can help you understand the new requirements.”

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