Bill Bozeman, president and chief executive officer of PSA Security Network


Is leadership really that important? Absolutely. Call it what you would like, but the ability to lead a company, sports team, religious organization or family is nothing less than off-the-charts important.


So what does it take to become a leader that really matters? Can the ability to lead be learned by the average person? Do we all have what it takes to make a difference and, most importantly, do you have what it takes?


SDM Magazine understands how important leadership is in our personal and business lives. Together SDM Magazine and PSA Security Network are taking on the challenge of assisting our readers by developing a series of video podcasts that will be utilizing a unique format. Rather than review books, analyze white papers, attend seminars or watch DVDs, SDM and PSA Security Network will be going straight to the source focusing on interviews with today’s leaders in the security space who have proven they have what it takes to lead a security organization and make a difference.


Bill Bozeman, president and chief executive officer of PSA Security Network, will be interviewing industry leaders asking pertinent and in some cases tough questions developed from his base of 33 years in the trenches of the systems integration and security alarm business. This series will reveal tips that will help you improve as an individual and assist you in better positioning your security company for success.


We are open to your suggestions concerning questions you would like us to ask industry leaders that are impacting your business and your career.


 Our objective is simple, to share information from very smart leaders specific to our industry that will help you and your career… and to have some fun along the way.